Brenda Young

My name is Brenda Young and I suffer from Severe Asthma / Asthmatic Granulomatosis.
Growing up I had asthma and allergies. When I hit puberty it got a lot worse. I missed so much
school because of it.
As I got older my hormones always caused my breathing to be worse and many hospitalizations.
After my second child it got a lot worse. My hospitalizations increased. I was on prednisone
continually. I had 2 little children at home and was in and out of the hospital frequently. My daughters
knew how to call 911 when needed. Thank goodness they only had to once as far as I can remember.
In 2011 I found the Severe Asthma Research Program(SARP) at the University of Pittsburgh Hospital. I
was accepted to participate and Also started following Dr. Sally Wenzel as a patient. Many tests were
done. New medications were tried to see if we could get me off the prednisone that I had been on for
over 20 years. I am still trying new medications and hoping and praying they work.
I have been in ICU on a vent and On BIPAP a lot. This disease has changed my quality of
life not for the better. When you can’t breath it is the worst feeling in the world.
It is a hard disease to live with but you have to keep going. MY husband and daughters have been
through so much watching me struggle to breath. They are more compassionate as people because
of seeing me and how they deal with people. It is awesome having such a great support system. It has
been a goal to make more doctors aware of this horrible disease .